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You’re waiting for the light bulb to go off when it comes to marketing your practice and attracting clients online.

Whether you’re seeking a clear, straightforward action plan, or simply need some reassurance around the vulnerability that comes from putting yourself and your practice out there, it seems like there are a lot more marketing questions than answers. The clarity you’re looking for feels far off, long-gone, or downright unattainable. But I’m here to tell you it’s not. It’s entirely possible to market online in a way that is timely, showcases your expertise, and speaks to your ideal client.

Hi, I’m Marissa, and there are a few things I know for sure:

Therapists have all the skills they need to become the BEST marketers. Seriously, even if your grad program taught you nothing about business, it still gave you everything you need to be able to attract and convert ideal clients.

Sure, the online space is confusing. It changes extremely fast and there are all kinds of new trends and tricks to try to stay on top of. There’s a certain savviness that’s required to navigate the internet and to make your skills and your practice stand out in a sea of other clinicians.

But, I’m gonna go ahead and be bold here and let you know I’m 100% sure you’re over-complicating it.

See, good marketing is very similar to good therapy. All you need to do is communicate a message that helps the reader/listener/viewer of your content get in touch with their emotions. It’s literally the exact same thing you do day in and day out in session.

If you can help your clients get from the top level, content, facts of their presenting problems down to the experiences, feeling, and cognitions behind them, you can market.

Too often, therapists forget about the reason they’re promoting their practice in the first place. They get so caught up in doing it right and getting results, that they forget that the point of marketing is making sure those that need their help can find them.

So, what ends up happening is clinicians either spend way too much time crafting the “perfect” marketing messages, without paying any attention to the strategy behind them. OR, they spray out all kinds of random content and pray that something converts.

Eventually, therapists realize their time and effort isn’t getting any results and they give up on online marketing completely. They figure it just doesn’t work for their niche, their practice, or their skill set and they abandon one of the most affordable, most effective ways to reach their private practice dreams.

That’s where I come in

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Marissa actually cares. She is so much more than a content strategist and writer. She helps people think!
— Jo Muirhead, BHlthSc, MASORC, MCDAA

As a licensed counselor with a business background, I’m devoted to partnering with fellow clinicians to help them understand online marketing – even when they’re afraid it’s become impossible. I’m passionate about bringing my two loves together: strategy and therapy, to help my therapeutic community thrive in the online space. It is seriously one of the most important aspects of my life to help other therapists create on-brand messages that target their ideal clients and build the private practices they’ve always longed for.

My mission is to help clinicians in various stages of private practice create online marketing plans that attract clients with integrity an authenticity. There is seriously no point in portraying yourself online in a way that contradicts who you are in session, no matter how many client calls it brings you.

When you invite me to help you with your online marketing, you’re partnering with someone who takes your practice, your caseload, and your needs into consideration. You’re signing up for concierge treatment and boutique services.

Does this sound like you??

Perhaps you’re dedicated to finding your first few clients who are truly invested in therapy with you, but not sure where to start or what to say in your marketing messages. No sweat. I’ve got a signature niching strategy that will help you identify your target market, highlight the pain points that cause them to seek therapy, craft the messages that resonate with them emotionally, and figure out where to post those messages so they see them and schedule with you. Head here to learn more about content strategy.

Or, maybe you have the most targeted and beautifully conceptualized content projects floating around in your head, but just can’t seem to get them to the page. Designing PDFs, creating slideshow presentations for workshops, and compiling an Ebook are all skills that go beyond the therapy office. In our work together, I bring life to the content that lives inside you in a way that evokes your skills, passions, and voice. Read more about individual writing projects here.

Once your caseload is full or nearly full, time becomes a much more precious commodity. But just because your full doesn’t mean it’s the time to quit marketing all together. It simply means doing things in a more efficient and timely manner. When you hire me as a monthly content manager you can expect to have 30 days’ worth of web and social media content created for you and your ideal clients. Click here to learn more about content management services.

Ultimately, marketing your practice online is about attracting new clients in a hands-off way that frees up time for you to do the thing you really love: therapy

You’re ready to have marketing strategy that maximizes your reach, resonates with the right leads, and moves them to schedule with you. One that helps fill your practice with ideal clients and represents you in an honest and authentic way. You can have that by working with me to master the strategy behind online marketing.

Simply click on the package that most meets your needs.