You're at a loss for the best ways to market your private practice

You totally get that the internet can be a great tool for filling your caseload with ideal clients

But when it comes to cracking the code on creating consistent content you never quite know what you're doing...

Well come on in and make yourself comfortable. Curl up in you favorite chair. Grab your coziest blanket and sip on your favorite beverage. You've found the place where you can freely explore marketing your practice without worrying if you're ever going to do it right or get results.

So much goes into being a therapist in private practice, and at the end of the day, it can be daunting to put your knowledge out there, expose yourself and your practice, and worry what your ideal client is going to think when they finally do find you. So think of this as the place where your dreams can flourish without judgement. Where you can learn to target your niche with integrity - in a way that feels good to you - and find the resources to build a practice that lights you up.

Make yourself at home

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When I found Marissa - a counselor who understands and can simplify content marketing - I hit the jackpot!
— Ili Walter - The Refreshed Therapist Network