You’ve always had an entrepreneurial spark.

So, when you took the leap into private practice you knew
you wanted more than just a replica of your agency job.

You wanted a business that would grow with you.


One that would be an extension of who you are and that would help you make an impact on the types of clients you felt called to serve. Not to mention the ability to tack a few more zeros on to the type of paycheck you saw in community mental health.

Yet branching out from therapist to therapeutic business owner is another world altogether.

You were prepared for the nuts and bolts - the logistics – like scheduling, billing, and HIPAA compliance.

But you certainly weren’t expecting how saturated your area is and how difficult it would be to stand out and schedule your ideal clients.

You have a few wishy-washy relationships with other professionals that sometimes lead to referrals. But you never quite know how to describe your practice or what you do whenever you meet with them. 

And there’s no way you feel confident sending them to your website - or that your website even works when a potential client sees it. 



You feel lost. And scared. And overwhelmed. 

You know you have so much to offer the people in your community and that you could make a real impact. But, you also know that you need a steady stream of clients to actually stay in business.

You can see that if you continue to market your practice in a muddy, unclear way, you’re never going to reach your goals.

You need to learn how to capitalize on the elements that make you special and put them out online so your ideal clients know you are the right therapist for them.


• KNOW •



 When You Invest in the Know Package

  • You will have a clear idea of your ideal client’s emotional journey, so you can create marketing materials that give them a gut-check, tug at their heart strings, and make them feel like you’re reading their mind

  • You will come to a full understanding of the type of therapist you want to be, the way you want to work, and the impact you want to make so the practice you build fully aligns with your values

  • You will research other providers in your niche and area, so you can carve out a unique and solid space in the market 

  • You and I will co-create website copy together in your own voice that feels like an extension of who you are and why you were called to be a therapist 

  • You will feel confident sharing a website that fully represents who you are at the core, connects with, and converts potential clients to paid sessions


Here’s How it Works:

The first half of the package is dedicated to refining your brand. You will dive deep into the type of clients you want to serve, how you want to serve them, and most importantly why. Together we’ll work through an extensive workbook to help you gain insight into exactly how to market a practice that feels like home.

After that, we’ll begin co-creating the copy on your website. With my guidance and pre-designed templates, you’ll be able to translate the brand you’ve built into your own words and construct a marketing asset you’ll feel proud to share. You’ll also have unlimited email support to send along any drafts for review.


Call 1:
Ideal Client’s Emotional Journey

We will identify your ideal client and dive into their current struggles, ideal outcomes, and the obstacles that are holding them back.

Call 2:
Unique Selling/Value Proposition

We will explore what makes you unique as a therapist and craft brand messaging that will help you stand out among your colleagues.

Call 3:
Market Research

We will identify your main competitors and examine their marketing techniques. We will also evaluate the language your ideal clients use so you can mirror it back on your own website.

Call 4:
Web Prep

We will compile everything from the first three calls and get it ready to insert into the web copy templates.


Call 5:
Homepage Co-Creation

Together, we will write your entire homepage and set the tone for the rest of your website.

Call 6:
About Page Co -Creation

We will work together on the more important sections of your about page and you will complete the rest on your own.


Call 7:
Service Page Co-Creation

We will work together on the more important sections of your service page and you will complete the rest on your own.

Call 8:
Finishing Touches

We can use this call to work on another web page of your choice or to polish up the three you have completed thus far. At this point you will have a firm foundation to complete all of the remaining pages on your website.


More About Me:

As a licensed counselor with a business background, I’m devoted to partnering with fellow therapists to help them understand online marketing – even when they feel utterly lost and overwhelmed. I’m passionate about bringing my two loves together: strategy and therapy, to help my therapeutic community thrive in the online space. 

My mission is to help clinicians in various stages of private practice create online marketing plans that attract clients with integrity and authenticity. Because there is seriously no point in portraying yourself online in a way that contradicts who you are in session, no matter how many client calls it brings you.

When you invite me to help you with your online marketing, you’re partnering with someone who takes your practice, your caseload, and your needs into consideration. You’re signing up for concierge treatment and boutique services.


What others have to say about the Know Package


Who Benefits Most from the Know Package:

Becoming Known is for therapists who are invested in building a sustainable and fulfilling business not just seeing clients in a private practice setting.


You will benefit from the know package if:

  • You want to craft a stand-out practice built for longevity

  • You want to feel at home in every aspect of your marketing

  • You want to feel confident that your marketing speaks to the heart of your ideal clients and motivates them to schedule with you

  • You want expert guidance in creating a website in your own voice

  • You want to know that the website you have built authentically reflects who you are and is written in a way that will bring you more clients


The package isn’t right for you if:

  • You are reluctant to go all in on a niche and are uncertain about defining an ideal client 

  • You lack clear goals for your practice and don’t see yourself as a business owner or entrepreneur

  • You have no desire to build or maintain a brand for yourself or your practice

  • You’re ambivalent about online marketing and aren’t dedicated to crafting a well-written, high-converting website

  • You already have a clear brand and well-performing website and you need content strategy to expand on both. In that case, CLICK HERE.


Faqs about the Know Package

What is my investment in the package?

The cost of the Know Package is $997. You can pay in full or take advantage of a payment plan.

I've never hired a coach/consultant before, what should I expect?

You and I will meet for 8 video calls over Zoom. Each call is an hour long and you will receive a recording after the call is complete. You can schedule all of your calls at once, or as you go. The recommended frequency is one call per week, but you can spread them out or schedule them closer together as you see fit.

Do I need any special equipment?

We will be using Zoom for our call. If you are on your desktop computer, you will need to download the FREE software. If you are on your phone or a tablet, you will need to download the FREE app.

Are there any resources to help me further?

You will receive both the branding workbook and the website templates as soon as you purchase the package. Don’t worry though, we’ll be going over them together extensively on our call, so you won’t feel lost. Also, you have unlimited email support for the duration of the package and seven days after, so you can reach out for help at any time.

What will be my biggest take-away from this package?

Not only will you define/refine your brand and figure out exactly who you serve, how you serve them, and why, you will create an authentic and effective website in your own words with the guidance of an expert.

What if I get stuck or can't find the time to actually write the remaining webpages?

This is where the templates and the unlimited email support come in. You can send me any of your drafts for review and I can even help you edit them. I can also send you examples of completed websites that follow the format, so you can see some finished products.

 Your Next Steps:


You absolutely can build a practice that feels like home and that others recognize and recommend.


Here’s How It Works:

  1. Click the “I’m Ready to be Known” Button Below

  2. Schedule Your FREE Consult Call

  3. After our call you’ll receive a proposal. Select you package, sign your contract, and pay your invoice.

  4. Once you paid, you will receive a link to schedule your coaching/consulting calls

  5. We will meet for our calls on Zoom