A Personal Take on Private Practice Boundaries

Business building has a tendency…

to take over our lives.

Seriously, I think anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit has a bit of tunnel vision and therapists in private practice are no exception.

And while there is a special flavor of dopamine that comes from surpassing business goals, chasing the high that comes with a successful practice can often lead us to forget about the other areas of our lives that are important.

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The Easiest Way to Make "Passive" Income from Your Email List

There are a lot of little opportunities…

to maximize the revenue you bring in from your online income stream.

If you’ve spent any time in the online space learning about “passive” income, you’ve likely herd the phrase that “the money is in the list” - the email list that is. And while I 100% agree with this sentiment, there is an often overlooked element of your email list that can start making you passive dollars quickly and before you have a huge audience.

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Passive Income VS a Passive Business Model

There is a difference…

between hands-off selling and hands off delivery.

When it comes to scaling your private practice, there is a real draw about moving beyond 1:1 therapy clients. Which is what is so appealing about creating an online income stream.

The term passive income is used as a kind of blanket term for any type of online income. However, setting up funnels and systems for bringing in revenue is not the same thing as never showing up for your online audience.

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Next Level Marketing: Email List Strategies for Your Practice and Beyond

There comes a time…

As you build your private practice, that you are going to become a pretty great marketer.

Now, if you’re new to private practice, or new to treating your practice more like a business, this can feel like a far off pipe dream. But trust me. In the not-too-distant future, you are going to have the basics that I cover in most of my podcast episodes down.

Which is when taking your marketing to the next level makes sense. That’s not to say you need to rely on tons of complicated strategies to fill your caseload. In fact, I argue the opposite.

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