–– Know Package

You’re new to private practice, or maybe you’re just finally getting serious about carving out a stable, secure place in your local market. There’s no doubt you’ve got excellent therapy skills and you know you will have a profound impact on your clients, you just need to build up your case load first.

And you want to make sure you fill your calendar with ideal clients.

You need a brand and a website that clearly demonstrates who you serve, how you serve them, and why, so that you can set the foundation for a profitable and fulfilling practice.


–– Like Package

You’ve got a rockin’ reputation and you are really starting to know who you are as a therapist and how you help. It’s time to make sure you are representing your expertise online, solidifying high search rankings, and expanding your reach.

And you want to do that by showing up online strategically and authentically.

You need to create consistent, compelling content so that people in your community can start to believe in you, advocate for you with everyone they know, and grow your practice for you.


–– Trust Package

You’ve practiced clinically for a long time. You’re an authority in your field and have honed your skills to an expert level. In fact, you’ve even created a workshop or course to supplement your caseload.

And you’re ready to scale your impact and your income beyond the four walls of your practice.

You need a proven framework to launch your offering into the online space, so you can start to move beyond 1:1 work.