You rock at one-on-one work

So much so, that you’ve been working on scaling your practice for a while now.

What with building an online community and nurturing your followers, you know what they need and how to give it to them. You’re so ready to cash in on your efforts and finally launch a product to your loyal audience.


You’ve carved out a great little spot of the internet for yourself and you’re making a great impact on those who’ve joined you. It’s as if you are their go-to person for solving their problems.

Yet, monetizing your online presence is turning out to be harder than you thought.

You knew it would take a while to build up your credibility and to be seen as an industry expert. And you didn’t expect to be rolling in dough right away.

While you certainly believe in teaching everything you know, it sure would be great to start making some sort of an income from all of your hard work.

You’ve done the market reaserch. You’re sure of your audience’s painpoints and how you can solve them. But you have no clue the right steps to bring a product to market. 

And there’s no way you feel confident in the tech set up or design elements you need to pull of a big-ticket launch.



You feel apprehensive. And overwhelmed. And lost. 

You know you have the skills and experience to make a difference with those who need your help. But, you also know that there is a system and strategy to sell to them so you all feel good about it.

You can feel deep down in your bones the importance of the effect you can make on the people who look to you for adavice.

You just need to learn how to sell without the sleeze so you can make the impact and the income you know you’re meant for.




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 When You Invest in the Trust Package

  • You will have a validated, well-branded, and well-positioned online offering that you can feel confident will help your audience and that they will want to buy.

  • You will move through a structed, scheduled process that will keep you on task and ensure that you finally make actual money from your ideas.

  • You will come to a full understanding of the entire launch process including all of the design elements, technology requirements, content creation, and sales assets required to make it happen.

  • You will master a repepeatable process that will work for your current stage of business and grow with you as you scale your online income stream.

  • You will feel confident moving forward with selling your online offering and any other online product you decide to launch in the future.


Here’s How it Works:

The Trust Package is broken down into three distinct phases: branding, priming, and selling, which will ensure that you stay on task and optimize your launch for maximum impact and maximum sales.

To begin, you will receive a comprehensive checklist that details every marketing asset you need to create for your launch including: sales copy, email copy, social media templates, and promotional graphics. On each call we will be strategizing these launch assets as well as setting up the systems for your successful launch.



Week 1:
Sales Strategy

We will use this call to discuss your branding and positioning and make sure your audience wants to buy your offering.


Week 2:
Priming Content

We will use this call to brainstorm your priming content that will go live in weeks 5-8.


Week 3:
Sales Page Creation

This week we will expand upon the positioning from week 1 and create the launch asset that will actually sell your product.


Week 4:
Implementation Week

There is no call this week. Instead, you will use this time to wrap up your priming content and write/design your sales page and send me your drafts.


Week 5:
Converting Content

We will use this call to brainstorm your converting content that will go live in weeks 9 - 12.


Week 9:
Sales Event

This week we will brainstorm your sales event which is the beginning of your sales funnel. The sales event takes place right after your hype event.


Week 6:
Hype Event

This week we will brainstorm your hype event which is the bridge between your converting content and your sales funnel. The hype event takes place right after our final call.


Week 10:
Sales Email Sequence

We will use this week to cover all of the emails you will need to send during your launch that lead people from your sales event through the fianl purchase.

Week 7:
Implementation Week

There is no call this week. Instead, you will use this time to wrap up your converting content and your hype event and send me your drafts.


Week 11:
Implementation Week

There is no call this week. Instead, you will use this week to complete your webinar slide show and sales emails and send me your drafts.


Week 8:
Tech Check

We will use this call to review all of your technology, copy, and design, for the hype portion of your launch.


Week 12:
Tech Check

We will use this call to review all of your technology, copy, and design, for the sales portion of your launch. This is the last call before your launch goes live.


More About Me:

As a licensed counselor with a business background, I’m devoted to partnering with fellow therapists to help them understand online marketing – even when they feel utterly lost and overwhelmed. I’m passionate about bringing my two loves together: strategy and therapy, to help my therapeutic community thrive in the online space. 

My mission is to help clinicians who are ready to scale their 1:1 services with online income make the greatest impact and the greatest income possible. Because your education, training, and experience are so worth it when it comes to creating change worldwide.

When you invite me to help you launch your online product, you’re partnering with someone who takes your expertise and your passion for helping others seriously. You’re signing up for concierge treatment and boutique services.


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Who Benefits Most from the Trust Package:

Becoming Trusted is for therapists who have created an online product and validated it with their audience and are ready to launch it for sale.


You will benefit from the trust package if:

  • You have spent the time, effort, and energy building an engaged audience.

  • You have a keen sense of what your followers need in order to solve their problems. Or, better yet, you’ve already asked them.

  • You want to deepen your relationship with those in your community and become thieir trusted, go-to resource.

  • You want to serve your audience and provide them with the solutions they need and that will improve their lives.

  • You want to make a greater impact on your audience while making a great income and feel good about the entire process.


The package isn’t right for you if:

  • You don’t have an established brand that helps you stand apart from others doing similar things online.

  • You haven’t been creating consistent content or regularly nurturing your audience with free value.

  • You have yet to build an email list or other form of community around your brand.

  • You’ve created your online offering without validating it with your audience first.

  • You know that an online income stream is in your future, but you need help branding, building an audience, design, and setting up the tech. In that case, CLICK HERE.


Faqs about the Trust Package

What is my investment in the package?

The cost of the Trust Package is $2497. You can pay in full or take advantage of a payment plan.

I've never hired a coach/consultant before, what should I expect?

You and I will meet for 9 video calls over 12 weeks using Zoom. Each call is an hour long and you will receive a recording after the call is complete. You can schedule all of your calls at once, or as you go. The recommended frequency is one call per week, but you can spread them out or schedule them closer together as you see fit.

Do I need any special equipment?

We will be using Zoom for our call. If you are on your desktop computer, you will need to download the FREE software. If you are on your phone or a tablet, you will need to download the FREE app.

Are there any resources to help me further?

You will receive both the launch checklist and the sales copy templates as soon as you purchase the package. Don’t worry though, we’ll be going over it together extensively on our calls, so you won’t feel lost. Also, you have unlimited email support for the duration of the package and seven days after, so you can reach out for help at any time.

What will be my biggest take-away from this package?

You will finish the trust package with all of the assets you need to launch your offering the first time and every time after. You will also master the launch process so you can tweak and repeat it for every subsequent launch for even better results.

What if I get stuck or can't find the time to actually write the remaining webpages?

This is where the checklist, templates, and unlimited email support come in. You can send me any of your drafts for review and I can even help you edit them. I can also send you examples of completed websites that follow the format, so you can see some finished products.

 Your Next Steps:


You absolutely can build a practice that feels like home and that others recognize and recommend.


Next steps process is:

  1. Click the “I’m Ready to Become Trusted” Button Below

  2. Schedule Your FREE Consult Call

  3. After our call you’ll receive a proposal. Select you package, sign your contract, and pay your invoice.

  4. Once you paid, you will receive a link to schedule your coaching/consulting calls

  5. We will meet for our calls on Zoom