You’ve always had an entrepreneurial spark.

So, when you started seeing other therapists expand their reach outside of session, you tuned in and took notes.

You’re craving a lighter lifestyle that can grow with you beyond the couch.


One that will be an extension of who you are and that will help you make an impact on people from all over - not just your state. Not to mention the ability to make money without relying on someone committing to - and showing up for - an hour of your time.

Yet branching out from therapist to coach or course creator is another world altogether.

You were prepared for the learning curve - the techy side – like sending out emails, creating social media graphics, and writing a sales page.

But you certainly didn’t expect to feel torn about evolving your business or guilty for taking your time and attention away from your caseload.

You have a few ideas of how you can still be of service to others. But you never quite know how to translate what it is you do in session to a concrete and communicable online program. 

And you’re struggling to define yourself as anything other than a therapist. Helping people is really important to you and you’re not ready to give that up. Even on the days where it feels really heavy.



You feel excited. And apprehensive. And intimidated. 

You know your clinical skills have value outside of the therapy room. But, you also know that you need a tangible process to repurpose and repackage them in a way that will still cares for others.

You can see how many people are craving guidance, support, knowledge, and camaraderie in a format other than therapy and you’re capable of providing it.

You’re ready to create an online offer that focuses on bettering the lives of others while bettering your own.




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 When You Register for Person-Centered Passions

  • You will craft an online offer that is informed by your clinical expertise, but is totally separate from therapy itself which ensures you scale beyond 1:1 work in a completely ethical way.

  • You will work through the intangible elements of an online offer and walk away with a solid concept that provides your ideal customer with the transformation they crave and want to pay for.

  • You will come to a full understanding of the type of entrepreneur you want to be, the way you want to work, and the impact you want to make outside of session, so the online offer you build fully aligns with your values.

  • You will see to it that your evolution honors who you are as a helper and as a human so you can chase your dreams while still serving others.


Here’s How it Works:

Over three hours, we will work through the four essential aspects of creating an online offer that expands both your impact and your income. This four-part framework helps you highlight the elements you love about therapy and integrate them into a new way of serving others.

Together we’ll examine things like your preferred workstyle, the amount of people you want to reach, your revenue goals, and how much time you have to dedicate to something new. And when we’re finished, you’ll walk away with the clarity you need to start making your online income stream a reality.



Element 1

The Person

30 MINUTES - Just like with our private practice niche, we need to know specifically who our online offer is designed to help. Whether the ideal customer is the same as your therapy client or totally different, we’ll spend the first part of the workshop defining exactly who our online offer is for.


Element 2

The Problem

1 HOUR - Here’s where things start to shift. In therapy we meet the client in the moment and work through whatever they bring to session. In your online offer, however, you need to solve a clear and concise problem. We’ll focus next on pinpointing what your customer needs most.


Element 3

The Promise

1 HOUR - Guarantees are a big no-no in therapy, but in online income they’re essential. Your customer is buying the opportunity for results. In this phase of the workshop, we’ll define the outcome you are promising to deliver and the curriculum you’ll design in order to provide it.


Element 4

The Price

30 MINUTES - While there are general rules of thumb for pricing your online offer, there are many factors to consider when nailing down the dollar figure. For the last part of the workshop we’ll look at your ideal customer’s purchasing power as well as your goals to set your price.

$147 $97


More About Me:

I’m Marissa and there’s something I’m so sure about..

Your education, training, and experience makes you uniquely qualified to start an online income stream.

I know it feels weird to think of filling any role other than that of a therapist. But expanding beyond the couch does not make you any less of a helper to others.

In fact, broadening your reach outside of your state borders and outside of your license allows you to serve so many more people in ways that therapy can’t.

When you invite me to help you craft your online offer, you’re partnering with someone who takes your practice, your ethics, and your needs into consideration. You’re walking alongside an expert who gets it.


What others have to say about creating their offers


Who Will Get The Most from Person-Centered Passions:

Person-Centered Passions is for therapists who are meant for more than 1:1 therapy sessions.


The workshop is right for you if:

  • You want to craft a stand-out online offer designed to help people and sell well

  • You’re ready to evolve to your next stage of helping others - beyond your state boarders

  • You know that your education, training, and life experience have so much value in and out of session

  • You’re excited about the opportunity to earn money without having to sit face-to-face with a client

  • You want to walk alongside an expert to ensure that the online offer you create is ethical and keeps your license in tact


The workshop isn’t right for you if:

  • You are reluctant to go all in on a niche and are uncertain about defining an ideal customer for your online offer

  • You’re critical of therapists who want to branch out beyond the therapy room

  • You are comfortable trading dollars for hours and don’t want more time or money freedom

  • You don’t believe your clinical skills can be packaged into a curriculum that will expand your reach or grow your income

  • You already have a validated offer and you’re ready to start building an audience to buy it. In that case, CLICK HERE.


faqs about Person-Centered Passions

How much does the workshop cost?

The early bird price of Person-Centered Passions is $97. The price will increase to $147 on October 28th.

I've never attended a virtual workshop before, what should I expect?

Show up ready to work! We will be making the absolute most out of the three hours to outline all aspects of your online offer. This is not me teaching at you for three hours straight. This is a co-working experience that invites mutual participation where you will walk away with tangible results.

Do I need any special equipment?

We will be using Zoom for the workshop. If you are on your desktop computer, you will need to download the FREE software. If you are on your phone or a tablet, you will need to download the FREE app.

Are there any resources to help me further?

You will receive an offer creation workbook and a recorded training before attending the workshop. That way you'll be prepared and everyone will be on the same page. Don’t worry though, we’ll be going over them together extensively during the workshop, so you won’t feel lost.

What will be my biggest take-away from this workshop?

At the end of the three-hour workshop you will walk away with a fully outlined online offer. This includes who the offer is for, the problem you are solving for that customer, the curriculum and how you plan to deliver the solution, and the price for the offer. You can then take this concept and start validating/marketing/selling it.

What if I can't attend live or have to leave before the three hours are over?

We're not formal around here. You can hop in and out of the workshop room whenever you need to. Also, the entire event will be recorded and you will recieve a copy after the workshop ends.

 Your Next Steps:


You absolutely can evolve beyond the couch and continue to serve those in need


Here’s What To Do:

  1. Click the “I’m Ready for More” Button Below

  2. Pay with PayPal or scroll down to enter your card info

  3. After you register, you’ll receive an email with your workbook and pre-workshop training

  4. You’ll also receive the zoom link to the workshop room

  5. We will meet for the live workshop on November 9th at 9am Pacific 12pm Eastern and work together to craft your online offer.

$147 $97