Marketing for Therapeutic Entrepreneurs


Empathy and success do not have to be mutually exclusive.

You can show up for your clients and show up for your business at the same time.

What if I told you that you have all the skills you need to become the BEST marketer? Seriously, the fact that you are brave enough to sit down face to face with someone in pain and not shy away makes you way more equipped to promote yourself than even the smartest MBA graduate.

Sure, the online space is confusing. It changes extremely fast and there are all kinds of new trends and tricks to try to stay on top of. There’s a certain savviness that’s required to navigate the internet and to make your skills and your practice stand out in a sea of other clinicians.



See, good marketing is very similar to good therapy. All you need to do is communicate a message that helps the person you are talking to get in touch with their emotions. It’s literally the exact same thing you do day in and day out in session.

If you can help your clients get from the top level, content-based, facts of their presenting problems, down to the experiences, feelings, and cognitions behind them, you can market.


Too often, therapists forget about the reason they’re promoting their practice in the first place. They get so caught up in doing it right and getting results, that they forget that the point of marketing is making sure those who need their help can find them.

So, what ends up happening is clinicians either spend way too much time crafting the “perfect” marketing messages, without paying any attention to the strategy behind them. OR, they spray out all kinds of random ideas and pray that something converts.

That, or they feel entirely too guilty about marketing themselves at all. As if, wanting a thriving practice and a matching income makes them less of a dedicated helper.


That’s where I come in 

As a licensed counselor with a business background, I’m devoted to partnering with fellow clinicians to help them understand online marketing – even when they’re reluctant to stand in their business-owning truth. 


I’m passionate about bringing my two loves together: strategy and therapy, to help my therapeutic community thrive in the online space. It is seriously one of the most important aspects of my life to help other therapists create on-brand messages that target their ideal clients and build the private practices they’ve always longed for.

My mission is to help clinicians in various stages of private practice create online marketing plans that attract clients with integrity and authenticity. Because there is seriously no point in portraying yourself online in a way that contradicts who you are in session, no matter how many client calls it brings you.

When you invite me to help you with your online marketing, you’re partnering with someone who takes your practice, your goals, and your dreams into consideration. You’re getting a guide who promises to walk along side you every step of the way.

Maybe for you it’s like this



Know Package

Perhaps you’re new to private practice. Or, you’re just finally ready to proudly own your role as a therapeutic entrepreneur. You wholeheartedly believe you have a lot to offer your clients and your community, but you have no idea how to solidify your place in the market, or become recognized for what you do (or honestly, what that even means) . No sweat. I’ve got a signature branding strategy that will help you identify your target market, highlight the pain points that cause them to seek therapy, craft the messages that resonate with them emotionally, and figure out where to post those messages on your website so your ideal client sees them, has a heart-tugging response, and is moved to schedule with you.



Like Package

Or, maybe you’ve got the website thing down, but you need more people to actually see it. You get that there’s ads and you could literally pay to ensure people see your site. But you’d rather attract ideal clients organically through your content and have them fall in “like” with you naturally. Plus, you’ve got a lot to say. You just need help saying it in a strategic way that’s going to draw eyes and convert readers to paid clients once they find you. Easy peasy. When you and I co-create your content strategy, you’ll know exactly what to say on your blog, podcast, or video marketing – and what to share on social media to get the right eyes to see you and fall head over heels.



Trust Package

Sometimes the entrepreneur bug bites you hard and private practice isn’t enough. As soon as your caseload approached full status, you started daydreaming about what you could do to scale. You decided on an online income stream because you didn’t want to manage people or cram clients into 45-minute slots. You’ve done a great job of building a trusting audience and a community, but you realized you have no idea how to sell to them. Girl, I’ve got you. I’ll show you that all it takes to go from online income idea to heartfelt sales is a streamlined launch strategy.


Ultimately, your private practice dreams are your own – and they are totally achievable! I can’t wait to walk along on your journey with you. 


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