WHAT IF TO HOW TO: Are Retreats Right for You?

Have you ever…

wanted to fly the coop, blow the popsicle stand, or just plain run away and escape?

Sometimes the only way out of a rut is to change your scenery completely and feel th release of letting your burdens fall away.

There is no bigger catalyst for change than stepping away from whatever a problem is and realizing what life might be like without it.

And retreats provide this to both you and your ideal customer, even if only for a few days.

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WHAT IF TO HOW TO: Are Membership Sites Right for You?

What if you knew…

the exact amount of money that was coming in from your online income stream every month?

And what if you didn’t have to rely on live launches or constant sales to know that number?

This is the beauty, stability, and security that comes from recurring revenue.

Membership sites, though lower priced, are infinitely scaleable and members pay you a monthly subscription.

So much of the income roller coaster is avoided simply by structuring your offer a bit differently.

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WHAT IF TO HOW TO: Are Group Programs Right for You?

There’s just something about…

working in a group setting.

Multiple voices coming together to accomplish similar goals encourages a type of transformation that can only come from combining points of view from all over the spectrum.

Each member of the group gets to witness how the others process and attack their goals. And they get to encourage each other along the way.

Online group programs allow you to combine the instructional aspects of digital courses and the supportive element of coaching to facilitate a really unique and special kind of growth.

By delivering a curriculum live, you are able to show up, support, and teach the members of your group in a hands-on way that feels like family.

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WHAT IF TO HOW TO: Are Digital Courses Right for You?

Who doesn’t want…

to make more money without having to work more?

And what therapist doesn’t want the chance to impact 10’s, 100’s, or even 1000’s of lives at a time?

That’s the very definition of a scaleable income stream. The ability to take what you do on a base level and make it available to more people without having to slave away or burnout.

Digital Courses are the epitome of a scalable online income stream.

You create the curriculum once and are able to sell it over and over again to more people who need the information. Courses help you translate a skill or system you have already mastered into a program that helps others do the same.

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WHAT IF TO HOW TO: Are Info Products Right for You?

I think a lot of the times we forget…

just how much we know.

That, or we don’t see the value in all of the information floating around in our head.

But just because something seems like common knowledge to us, doesn’t mean it can’t be wildly new or groundbreaking for someone else.

Creating an info product could be just the thing you need to break into online income.

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WHAT IF TO HOW TO: Is Coaching Right for You?

As modern therapists…

we’ve all heard about online coaching.

But there is so much more to the industry than life coaching. In fact, wherever there is an individual who wants to walk through their challenges with another person, there is an opportunity for coaching.

These challenges can be emotional and relational just like they are in therapy. OR, they can fall into other categories health, business, achievement, and so much more. 

Coaching can feel like the answer to our prayers as we look for a way to live a lighter lifestyle without the income ceilings or impact limitations of therapy. I mean, it's basically way more money for the exact same type of work.

Yet, while there are many upsides to coaching, there are definite drawbacks too.

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