3 Marketing Myths Holding Your Back from Growing Your Private Practice

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Whenever you’re building a business…

there’s a lot of pressure to get it right.

Whether you’re in a place where you’re desperate to pay your bills or you’re already pretty financially secure, one of the major hang ups of being an entrepreneur is the tendency to tie our self-worth to the success of our businesses.

In my opinion, one of the best qualities of therapists is our never-ending search for information.

But, one major problem with this same attribute is that it can paralyze us from actually taking action and moving our private practices forward. So all the while, while you’re trying to do the right things to build your practice the right way, you’re falling deeper into some falsehoods or myths that might actually be stalling your growth.

Growing a business is much more intuitive than a lot of people will let on.

There’s a much bigger part to attribute to what feels right to you, what comes naturally, and what flows from within. Which is why this week I’m diving into the marketing myths that are actually stalling your growth as a private practice owner.


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