COACHING EPISODE: Attracting Online Coaching Clients

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If you build it they will come…

is perhaps the absolute worst idea to ever enter the realm of business building.

In no shape or form it is as simple as opening your doors when it comes to establishing a revenue stream. Especially when it comes to online business.

Coaching is hot right now. It’s more lucrative than therapy and because you’re licensed and clinically trained, you don’t need any additional skills to interface with coaching clients. In fact, your training makes you immensely more qualified than the majority of people calling themselves coaches these days.

However, marketing a coaching business is a whole other animal than building a practice.

You’re no longer limited by things like dual-relationships or self-disclosure. But, you’re also competeing in a national if not worldwide marketplace.

In this week’s episode, I’m chatting with a client of mine, Melissa, who is an LCSW in New York state. She has a thriving clinical practice focusing on kiddos and has branched out to helping the moms of these special needs liitle ones.

We chat through her existing sales funnel, how shes acquiring new leads, and what it would be like to “launch” a cohort of coaching clients all at one time.


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