What's Working for Online Income in 2019

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People today are looking for connection….

in their relationships, in their personal lives, and even in the things they buy.

Like no other time in history, consumers are super conscientious about the ingredients in their products, the ethical practices of companies, and the real people behind the brands they love.

This is ture for the physical items they purchase like food and lotions, but this is also true about the money they invest online.

Everytime a consumer contemplates investing in education, business support, or personal growth, they are thinking about their connection to the person they are buying from.

Which makes this the perfect time for therapists who are interested in moving into online income.

Gone are the days of people purchasing courses for the sake of curated information. Today, consumers want transformation. They want to work with someone who can hold space for their growth and help move them toward an outcome.

And this is exactly what you are perfectly positioned to bring to market!

So tune in as I talk about what’s working for online income in 2019 and why therapists are uniquely capable of pffering it.


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