An Open Letter to the Therapeutic Entrepreneur

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Everyone loves an origin story….

and today, I’m sharing mine.

To be honest, it felt a little weird just rehashing the last 10 years of my life to you, so instead I wrote you a letter.

A love letter of sorts, but not one that will creep you out or make you feel weird about our relationship - at least, I hope.

In this letter, I walk you through everything that’s gotten me to this exact point.

My business degree, my work with big brands and multinational corporations, my first huge flops as a business owner, and my most recent health scare.

I’m leaving it all on the table, because not enough people talk about the hard parts of entrepreneurship. No, they are quick to celebrate their wins, but shy about sharing their losses.

Well, there’s no holding back in this episode.

Here are the most important lessons I’ve learned since venturing out on my own and I want to pass them along to you.


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