$200K in 7 Days?? - Allison Puryear Chats Online Income

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There is a draw…

to online income. Especially the fact that it can be much more lucrative than therapy. Even when you’re in private practice.

Now, to me, there’s no one right way to make money using the internet. And unless you’re out their scamming people out of their life savings, go ahead and choose the path that’s right for you.

But I will say, that there are those who talk about their giant paydays and only mention the highlight reel - never showing their behind the scenes. And this picture-perfect depiction can lead you to follow along, make decisions, and even invest in a method that ends up not matching your values in the end.

It’s a big part of my mission to end this pattern and to make sure that therapists are getting the raw, real details of expanding their practices.

I want to talk about what scaling takes: both structurally and energetically.

I want to have the discussion around expenses: both money and time.

And I want us all to capture the excitment of growing both ourselves and our businesses without getting caught up in unhelful hype.

This week, I’m chatting with the one and only Allison Puryear. She showers us with her wisdom and gets really honest about her metrics and her imposter syndrome. So that we have a clear picture of what workss for her in her business.


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