6 Insightful Questions to Figure Out Your Ideal Side Hustle

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Two questions come up without fail…

whenever I work with therapists to decide on an online income stream.

1. How do I do this ethically?

2. How do I sell somehting like this?

It’s not that they aren’t interested. In fact, online income is pretty darn attractive these days. It’s just that they might be a bit skeptical about stepping outside of the traditional business model we’re most familiar with.

It’s incredibly freeing to think about making an income that doesn’t rely on working 1:1 with clients, but it’s also a pretty big paradigm shift for most of us.

The great thing is there is a single response that answers both questions - and that is to solve a problem.

When you start solving problems, you automatically remove yourself form a therapist’s role and so you no longer have to worry about any ethical greyness. What’s more, when you are able to talk in detail about the problem you are solving, you are inherently able to communicate the value of what you do.

So this week, I’m giving some concreate examples of how other therapists have developed programs so you can start to see what this might look like for you. I’m also offering you six questions to ask yourself so you can get clear on what kind of program you might like to sell.


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