Do You Need "An Audience" to Make Money Online??

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There’s no magic formula…

that tells you how big of an audience you need to start making money online.

Sure, the more people following you, the more likely you are to bring in high-dollar revenue.

But thinking that you need thousands of people who know who you are and who are “warm” to your services and programs before you make any money, can be such a daunting statistic that it keeps you from ever getting started earning revenue online.

The truth is, there are ways to start bringing in money before you ever have a single person on your email list or in your facebook group.

And simply by putting yourself - and your unique point of view - out there for others to see, you’ll start drawing a crowd. And while these people are paying attention, you simply need to invite them to work with you 1:1.

These clients will provide you a reassuring income while you build and also provide you with tons of research as you’re creating your program.

So this week, I’m breaking down the exact path of selling 1:1 coaching along the way of building your audience so you can make money before you ever have a big following.


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