COACHING EPISODE: Kim Daniels Chats Imperfect Action

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How do you respond…

when something doesn’t come easy?

Do you take it as a sign to rise to the challenge or as an indication that your desire was more of a whim than something to take seriously?

In business, this is a fine line for me. I’m a pretty quick starter and am fast to act on a good idea. But once in a while, even the tiniest details can stop me in my tracks and make it feel much less like flow and much more like forcing it.

And I think it’s perfectionism that keeps me stuck. The idea that if I don’t get it just right, everything will fail.

Which is where Kimberly Danieals was at the start of our coaching call.

She was stuck on some details about her online coaching business that seemed super silly while simultaneously feeling incredibly significant.

But instead of focusing on the stuckness, we set the details aside and explored the idea of imperfect action. And by the end of our chat she had gained a ton of clarity around her next steps and the courage to move forward without having it all figured out.

So, if you ever get bogged down by wanting everything to fall perfectly in place, this episode is perfect for you.


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