How I Run My Online Biz for $130 per Month

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Having a clear idea of your monthly expenses…

sets your online income stream up for success.

When you know what you need to spend on your overhead, you can start to make projections for how much money you want to bring home each month.

What’s more, keeping track of your operating expenses makes your online business feel more legitimate. Like it’s no longer a hobby and like it’s something that is going to be a sustainable part of your lifestyle.

The tricky part is knowing which expenses are necessary, which are extra, and which are a total waste of money.

When it comes to online income there are just so many options out there, it’s hard to choose which tools, software, and other platforms to spend your money on.

So this week I’m peeling back the curtain and taking you behind the scenes of exactly what I spend my money on (and how much I invest) to keep my business running.

You’ll see which tools I use and which I think are silly.

Plus, I give you a peek at how my business is changing next year and what that means for my overhead as I continue to grow to this new level.

So, if you’re wondering what’s essential to make money online, or just wanting to reexamine how profitable your online business is, tune in.

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