WHAT IF TO HOW TO: Are Digital Courses Right for You?

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Who doesn’t want…

to make more money without having to work more?

And what therapist doesn’t want the chance to impact 10’s, 100’s, or even 1000’s of lives at a time?

That’s the very definition of a scaleable income stream. The ability to take what you do on a base level and make it available to more people without having to slave away or burnout.

Digital Courses are the epitome of a scalable online income stream.

You create the curriculum once and are able to sell it over and over again to more people who need the information. Courses help you translate a skill or system you have already mastered into a program that helps others do the same.

So in this episode, we're zooming in on digital courses to help you decide if they are the right business model for you.

We’re talking price, marketing, sales, and all the other things to help you make the decision.


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