WHAT IF TO HOW TO: Are Group Programs Right for You?

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There’s just something about…

working in a group setting.

Multiple voices coming together to accomplish similar goals encourages a type of transformation that can only come from combining points of view from all over the spectrum.

Each member of the group gets to witness how the others process and attack their goals. And they get to encourage each other along the way.

Online group programs allow you to combine the instructional aspects of digital courses and the supportive element of coaching to facilitate a really unique and special kind of growth.

By delivering a curriculum live, you are able to show up, support, and teach the members of your group in a hands-on way that feels like family.

But there are two things you need to reflect on before you dive in headfirst:

  1. what kind of transformation does your ideal customer need from your grogram

  2. how much of your time are you wanting to commit

So take a listen to this episode to learn more about group programs and decide if they are the right business model for you.


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