WHAT IF TO HOW TO: Are Membership Sites Right for You?

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What if you knew…

the exact amount of money that was coming in from your online income stream every month?

And what if you didn’t have to rely on live launches or constant sales to know that number?

This is the beauty, stability, and security that comes from recurring revenue.

Membership sites, though lower priced, are infinitely scaleable and members pay you a monthly subscription.

So much of the income roller coaster is avoided simply by structuring your offer a bit differently.

But there are two things to think about before you sign up to run a membership

  1. how long do you want to commit to your online income stream

  2. how good are you/how much do you enjoy building a community

So take a listen to this episode to learn more about membership sites and decide if they are the right business model for you.


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