3 Ways to Market to Modern Clients in and Authentic and Ethical Way


The world of online marketing grows more complicated by the day.

Seriously, every other moment it seems like there is a new social media platform, a new algorithm, or a new trend to try to keep up with.

And while this can all be confusing, even to someone like me who does this for a living, the truth is that the key to online marketing is simply putting out content that meets your clients' needs. And in 2018, our clients need us to cut through all of the noise out there in a way that's succinct, helpful and TRANSPARENT.

But transparency can be really scary for therapists who have a mind on the ethical boundaries and requirements of their profession. And for good reason! It's easy to cross a line from transparent marketing to revealing too many details about our practices and our caseloads.

So today's video dives into the biggest marketing trends for your private practice in 2018, how to market to these modern clients, and three tips to do it all ethically.

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It explores 12 ways to use TRANSPARENCY in your content and teaches you my methods of to educating, normalizing, and motivating your clients to schedule with you.

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Marissa LawtonComment