The Difference Between Pillar and Filler Content on your Therapy Blog

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It takes a lot of mental energy to write a blog post.

Not to mention the other resources you invest in creating content like your time and your potato chips. Oh wait, you don't snack profusely on junk food while you market your practice? I guess that's just me.

But in all seriousness, marketing our practices online takes effort on our part, and one of the most annoying things we could do is invest the time, energy, and snack food into content that doesn't work.

Content marketing is about providing information valuable enough for our clients that it makes them want to pursue getting to know us more. The best way to do this is to ensure that our posts are educational, substantial, and motivational - in other words, we need to be creating pillar content.

But what exactly is that and how do we stay away from too much filler on our blogs?

Today's video explores the differences between using Pillar vs Filler content on your therapy blog, how often you should use either one, and the times it's best to use both. 

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