My 5-Step, Signature Process for Nailing Your Niche

There seem to be a few lines clinicians cross when they go from "therapist in private practice" to "business owner."

Some sprint across these lines, ready for a bigger challenge and bigger income, while others steadily trod forward, knowing the changes are coming and embrace them when it's finally time. Other still, barely notice the subtle ways their practices evolve until they are looking back months or years later to see how far their business has come.  

Whether you fall into the tortoise or the hare category or somewhere in between, one of the very first lines you'll cross when building your private practice is deciding the type of clients you serve.

"Niching," or defining this ideal client is a bit of a hot-button issue in our industry. Some worry about the legal and ethical ramifications of turning clients away while others feel confined or restricted by a practice that focuses on one demographic, one presenting problem, or one modality.

But the truth is, you really do need a niche.

To be straight up honest, if you spend your time, energy, and effort talking to everyone, you end up talking to no one. And spreading word of your practice to this void is pointless, no matter how strong your mission and message may be.

Having a niche to market to means that when a potential client finds your website, your blog, and your social media they will know instantly whether you are the right therapist for them - or not

Yes, niching down unequivocally means you will repel more leads than land ideal clients. BUT, when that one ideal client out of 10 finds you, they will instantly know they were meant to. That you are the therapist for them and that you will bring them toward healing. 

Talk about a loyal client!!

So, whether you're sprinting toward a niched down practice or tentatively debating the idea, today's video will show you a really easy process to define your ideal client. 

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It's a great way to get insight into your ideal client, shed light on your private practice values, and work through my 5-step niching process. 

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