Two Tips for Marketing Your Practice on Social Media

None of us wants to feel like we are wasting our time and energy when it comes to marketing our practices.

Seriously, when our livelihoods are on the line, we want to make sure that everything we are doing has a direct return on our investment. When it comes to online marketing, this means that the content we create is attracting our ideal clients, speaking to them in an emotional way, and converting leads to paid sessions.

A big part of that conversion strategy is how we are using our content to draw our target market toward us.

These pull strategies are different than push marketing (read: referrals) because rather than waiting for clients to find our content and decide whether it resonates, we are actively reeling them toward us with a promotion strategy (think fishing with bait).

The most common pull strategy any of us will use to boost our practices' visibility is social media marketing.

So this week I'm sharing my top two tips for picking the right social platforms for your practice and using that platform effectively to build your caseload.

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