The Biggest Myths About Building a Therapy Brand

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I think one of the biggest things that hold therapists back from branding their businesses is that they believe having a brand means they are in the business of selling therapy.

Like profit and loss are important

That our client's mental health is now something that we have to compete with other helpers over and sell the best solution for the right price.

That therapy is for sale

And it's true. When you went into private practice you took on the role of business owner. You put on the hat of someone who has to think of sustainability and profitability as well as someone who legitimately wants to help improve the lives of others. While a business mentality is a bit necessary if you want to have a practice that sustains you, your, family, your lifestyle, and your livelihood, your brand does not have to be something that distances you and your practice from your calling.

You can absolutely remain grounded in your reason for becoming a helping professional and for wanting to heal. All while building a brand that represents who you are as a therapist and the mission of your therapy practice. But there are a lot of misconceptions out there about branding that either set us on the wrong path or keep us from ever diving deeper.

Myths like:

1. Branding is for connglomerations or product sellers

2. Branding is the same as having a logo

3. Branding is HARD

This week I want you to know not only how important branding your practice is, but how simple it can be as well.

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