How To Use the Scientific Method to Battle Marketing Misgivings


No matter what professional degree you hold, no matter what advanced training there are going to be times when you doubt yourself. You'll wonder whether what you have to say is worth listening to, or what you do is worth watching.

And there's no truer time for imposter syndrome to pop up than when you are promoting your private practice.

There are many ways to make sure your practice stays visible and relevant in your ideal client's mind. And some of them require much more effort and energy from you. But, regardless of how you choose to market, the fact that you are putting yourself, and your business baby, on a stage to be oggled at is intimidating no matter who you are. 

One thing that really helps to escape the inner emotions that come with marketing is to take an objective view. When you remove feelings from the equation and rely solely on data to tell you whether your marketing efforts are working, you can create a strategy that you know works based on empirical evidence.

So, I want to invite you back to elementary school when you learned about the Scientific Method. The steps are as follows:

Ask a question

Formulate a hypothesis

Perform a test

Observe outcomes

Measure results

This week, I'm showing you exactly how to apply this process to your markeitng efforts so you can cut out what isn't working from your marketing strategy and double down on what is. All without the fraudy feeling.

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