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I’m A Riser…

I'm a get up off the ground, don't run and hider
Pushing comes a-shovin'
Hey I'm a fighter
When darkness comes to town, I'm a lighter
A get out aliver, out of the fire

Too many times we let others define what it means to be a helper.

Because we are in service to others we are often lumped by other people into a medical provider category or a giver category. While nothing is inherently wrong with either of these, what is wrong is the assumption that being a giver or server of others means we must then also be a martyr.

So the Empathy Rising podcast is all about helping you not only help others, but embrace your goals, dreams, and aspirations along the way.

My utmost goal with this show is for you to understand that building a business can be lucrative. And the transformation you bring as a therapist to your clients is of so much value it is ridiculous.

So I want you to rise.

I want you to rise to the occasion of being a change-agent.

I want you to rise to the occasion of making really great money.

I want you to rise to the occasion of being an entrepreneur.

And I want you to rise to the occasion of doing it on your terms in a way that feels impecably congruent and rewarding.

Marketing your private practice doesn’t have to be hard. Or scary. You can have tremendous impact with your caseload and tremendous growth when it comes to your goals.

This week’s episode is a deeper dive into the message above and a quick introduction into what you can expect from the show. Including:

  • weekly episodes

  • tangible marketing advice

  • behind the scenes looks at an online business

  • actual recordings of coaching calls

  • tips for scaling with an online income


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