How To Avoid Making the Number One Mistake on Your Therapy Blog


Many of us look at blogging as something we have to do in order to build our practices rather than as something we want to do.

So, when it comes time to engage in content marketing, we pick a random therapy-related topic, slap some words on the screen, hit publish and call it good. The problem comes, however, when our ideal clients start searching for therapists and want to know why we are they right fit for them. In fact, when they come across one of these ill-planed blog posts, they’re likely turned off from scheduling with us.

The truth is, blogging is your biggest opportunity to showcase what makes you unique as a therapist and why you are the best fit for the best client. When you post articles without thought or intention, you are basically telling clients that you don’t care about their unique needs and that you have nothing special to offer.

Blogging for the sake of blogging is terrible for building a brand.

Which is the point of building your private practice in the first place right?

But there are also some easy questions to ask yourself to ensure that your blogs are not ruining your brand and are instead helping you carve out a secure spot in the marketplace. Before you write your next blog post as yourself:

has this topic been covered before?

do I have a unique perspective to offer?

how does this post relate to my expertise?

how does this post contribute to my bottom line?

So this week, I'm helping you dive deep to keep you from making this common content marketing mistake


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