Next Level Marketing: Email List Strategies for Your Practice and Beyond


There comes a time…

As you build your private practice, that you are going to become a pretty great marketer.

Now, if you’re new to private practice, or new to treating your practice more like a business, this can feel like a far off pipe dream. But trust me. In the not-too-distant future, you are going to have the basics that I cover in most of my podcast episodes down.

Which is when taking your marketing to the next level makes sense. That’s not to say you need to rely on tons of complicated strategies to fill your caseload. In fact, I argue the opposite.

But after you’ve been growing your business for a while, you will want to systemetize and streamline some of your outreach.

And a great way to do this is through email marketing.

What’s more, when you get to the point of scaling beyond 1:1 work, an email list will be an invaluable asset to researching and selling your online course, coaching program, or membership site.

In this episode, I’m sharing a few ways to use email to market your practice and beyond.


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