Life & Biz UPDATE: Radical Changes in My Schedule, Systems, & Structure

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Moving across country…

kicked my ass.

I’m still reeling from this disaster of a move and there are a lot of changes I’ve had to make to my life and business pretty much on the fly.

And, as an achiever-type who feels like anything other than moving forward is standing still, it’s been hard for me to see this mandatory pause as anything but unwelcome.

But sometimes the universe gives you exactly what you need, and in my case it’s been a proverbial stop sign.

I’m trying to tune into the messages I’ve been receiving and to actually honor what they are trying to say rather than push through like I normally do.

And it’s HARD.

So this week, I’m sharing all of the ugly things and the secretly wonderful things that have come up these past few weeks as well as some new changes that are coming in both life and business.


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