COACHING EPISODE: Focusing When You're Doing Too Much

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Often, the very advice we need to hear ourselves…

is what we’re offering to our coaching clients or packaging up into an online program for our customers.

Shiny Object Syndrome is no joke and when it comes to getting an online business off the ground, there are so many possible strategies that can bring success that it’s hard to choose a path - and even harder to stay on it without getting distracted.

Whether you plan to take advantage of content marketing, capitalize on visibility, build relationships with your customer base, or combine all three, there are multiple routes to a thriving online income stream.

No matter what plan you put in place, it’s important to stick with it so you know what’s working.

The more you try to do, the more variables you introduce, and the more difficult it is to know what’s working in your business and how to replicate it.

In this week’s episode, I’m chatting with a client of mine, Shelley, a counseling intern in Florida who also has a business as a sober living coach. She’s had incredible audience growth in a short time and is ready to learn how to take them from followers to customers.

We chat through her existing sales funnel, the things she’s doing that are detracting from her growth, and how she can streamline to see even better results.


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