The Art of Coaching with Lee Chaix McDonough

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Therapists often wonder…

what the difference is between therapy and coaching.

Of course, there are the legal and ethical concerns which tend to be more fuzzy with coaching than with other online offers like courses, membership sites, and group programs.

But once we work through that, and clinicians feel more comfortable coming up with a coaching offer, the questions become more about the practice of coaching. What do I avoid talking about? Are there things I can and cannot do when coaching that I can with therapy? Or, is the opposite true?

The angst adding coaching brings up is almost as strong as it was as a brand new intern.

But what’s interesting is, it’s not the skillset that changes all that much. It’s the mindset.

In this week’s episode, I’m chatting with a very dear friend, Lee Chaix McDonough, an LCSW who transitioned away from clinical work into the world of coaching. She’s found her passion helping other therapists either add a coaching income stream or make the transition altogether.

Her work with intuitive helpers opens them up to the work they were meant to do in the ways they were meant to do it and focuses on developing the art of coaching.

We chat through some of the logistics of a coaching practice, but also get deep into our identities as entrepreneurs and where our intuition takes us in business.

You can find out more about Lee here:

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