What Exactly is a Sales Funnel?

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To make money online…

you actually have to make sales.

And since revenue is the lifeblood of any business, there are a ton of marketers, software companies, ads experts, and funnel coaches out there promising to help you shortcut this process.

They’ll be quick to tell you that you need to automate, remove yourself, and even passify your sales funnel. But very few of them take the time to explain what a funnel is, let alone how to set one up that actually works.

The key to selling your course, booking coaching clients, or filling online programs is not to jump ahead to fancy or complicated strategies.

Truth is, what’s actually going to bring you consistent income is to slow down, focus on what you’re doing, show up for your business, and incorporate your values. Pretty much the exact opposite of most business advice out there…

In this week’s episode, I’m taking it back to basics and sharing the fundamentals of online business by explaining exactly what a sales funnel is. I break down the three phases step by step and offer suggestions on how to make your sales process the least complicated and most values-aligned as possible.

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