Behind The Scenes of an Ideal Client - Converting Blog Post


This week we're doing something a bit different around here.

In true tutorial fashion, I'm flipping my camera around and taking you behind the scenes of an actual blog post I've written for one of my content management clients.

There is a big difference between hobby blogging and blogging for business, and SO MANY of you ask what you should say, what you should write, and how you should even start to use your blog to fill your caseload.

Well, this week I'm breaking it down and showing you my exact tips for writing a practice-filling, ideal client-converting blog post.

We're exploring the six essential elements of a blog post that turns prospects into paid clients. I'm teaching you about the

  1. headline

  2. hook

  3. the before picture

  4. the after action report

  5. the education points

  6. and the call to action

and how each of these elements contributes to your potential client's emotional response, helps them know, like, and trust you, and motivates them to schedule a session.

Plus, along the way, I'm offering my best tips for how to reach the all-illusive and SEO friendly 2000+ words count

Click below to watch!

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