Two Alternate Methods of Defining Your Ideal Client

So by now, I'm sure you've chosen a side on the "whether or not you need a niche" debate. And since you're here, I'm betting you're in the camp of wanting to define your ideal client.

Knowing who you serve and why is a huge element of marketing your practice. In fact, you can go through all of the branding exercises in the world, you could hone the most beautiful, well-written, and impactful messaging, but if you don't know who to send your message to, all of that work is a massive waste of time.

To me, defining your ideal client and marketing your practice is a bit of a chicken-egg situation. You can't promote yourself until you know who you are and what you stand for, but you also can't dive into the impact you want to make on the world without first knowing who you want to help.

A few months ago, I recorded a video that takes a more traditional approach to nailing your niche. It helps you walk through your ideal client's demographic information, and their presenting problem so that you can target your marketing messages to them in a really specific and focused way. This method is still the frontrunner I use with all of my clients to help them get a better grasp on who they want filling their caseload.

However, this approach does NOT work for every therapist. Especially if you're multi-passionate and light up serving different kinds of people with different pressing concerns.  

This week's video dives into two alternative ways of defining your ideal client that go beyond simply identifying the pain point you help them overcome.

1. Modality

2. Therapeutic Passion

My goal this week was to show you that narrowing the focus of your marketing does not have to mean having a boring caseload or one where you feel pigeonholed or trapped. Instead, it's about finding the sweet spot between how you like to practice, and with whom, so that at the end of the day you are feeling fulfilled and not burnt out. 

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